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DID YOU KNOW...... -- Breathable Dry Suit Updates

Posted by Cindy Howard on 25th Jan 2021

We introduced the Aqua Lung breathable Osprey drysuit to the market in 2016 and the Raptor in the second half of 2017. These suits have been very well received by the market with both offering great material, great design, and great features at a very competitive price.

Having more than 2,500 currently in the field we have received some feedback from the market on suggested changes to make the product even better. In evaluating these suggestions we have made a number of “in-line” changes. These are all minor changes some of which most would not even notice but we feel make the products even better.

  1. Increased forearm circumference on both suits
  2. Lowered the jacket front zipper - rounded corners on collar on both suits
  3. Upgraded elastic in retractable wrist and ankle cuffs for better memory on both suits
  4. Increased width of the Osprey retractable wrist and ankle cuffs to match the Raptors

These changes will improve the experience by our users and make the products even better.

There is no price change or part number change and the updated suits will be rolled out as inventory allows.

If you have any questions on these changes or anything else do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Did you know not all breathable drysuits are equal?

One area some of the less expensive breathable drysuits cut costs is on the attached socks. Many use less expensive latex socks in place of socks constructed of breathable fabric material. Why does this matter?

It's easy to poke a hole in or tear latex. If a small stone or sand gets in your boot this can tear or wear a hole in the sock. This negates the extra savings you earned at time of purchase because you'll now have to spend $125-$150 to change the socks.

In addition to repair costs, there is also down time while your suit is out of service for repair. An unusable suit is no suit.

Latex doesn’t breathe. Lack of breathability means your feet will sweat and get wet. Wet feet turn into cold feet, and no one likes cold feet.

While saving a little money on a suit with latex socks might seem like an easy way to cut costs, it will cost more in the long run. Those extra costs, coupled with less comfort, make a drysuit with breathable attached socks the obvious choice.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions.

Boot Low-rez.jpg Osprey Sock Low Rez.jpg