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ERDI Public Safety


  HOURS ARE:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday       11:00am-7:00pm

                    Saturday                                            10:00am-5:00pm

                                 CLOSED WEDNESDAY & SUNDAY


CLASS DATES:  Open Water -- April 29, 30, May 1, 2

                                            September 2, 3, 4, 5

ERD Prep (Drysuit and Full Face)  May 7 and 8

                                                 September 10 and 11

ERD I and II -                             May 13, 14, 16, 17

                                                 September 16, 17, 19, 20


NEWS FLASH -- In-house NOW, we have available a NEW Large Aqualung Hazmat Suit AND

                       NEW MK Whites Enviro Hybrid Drysuit!


Call for pricing!

New This year, we have added a ERD Academy, includes Drysuit and Full Face, ERD I and ERD II certifications.  Call for more details!



Attn: Aqua Lung Public Safety Dealers

Did you know the Aqua Lung Enviro Hybrid drysuit offers public safety teams the best of the Hazmat and Enviro combined into one suit?

 The Enviro Hybrid is made from the bottom half of a Hazmat drysuit, which makes it highly durable for crawling on knees and sliding on seat of the suit.  The top half is made from Enviro material and offers superior range of motion and comfort where it’s needed most.  This combination is why many teams think it is the best of both worlds wrapped into one suit, including the FBI who outfitted their four regional Underwater Search and Evidence Response Teams (USERT) with the Enviro Hybrid.

 Standard features:

 Wrist rings for dry gloves and EZ cuff replacement

  • SLT neck with attached neck seal and hood with hood liner
  • Attached Comfort boots
  • Built in suspenders
  • Inflator hose, repair kit and storage bag
  • Available in all black or red and black
  • 14 standard and MTM sizes

 Flexibility where you need it - Durability where it’s required

 Please contact us for more information.  DJ's Scuba Locker, Inc., services all gear in house, complete with POSI 3 Test System for Surface Supplied Air and All Full Face Masks.  Fast Turnaround time.  Within 50 miles we will come to you and pick up and drop off your gear.










DJ's Scuba Locker, Inc.,  offers special pricing on service for all Public Safety Dive Teams.  We will come to you, pick up your gear for service and leave loaner equipment at no additional charge while your gear is being serviced, within a 50 mile radius.  We will add you to our rotation and send out friendly reminders.  Please call for more information. 

In 2012, DJ’s added an SDI/ERDI Instructor Trainer to their staff and are now able to instruct students through SDI and ERD Instructor including Scubility Training. DJ’s continues to expand their training and staff by offering more classes, such as ERDI

Supervisor, contaminated Water Diving, Line Tender, Swift Water, Surface Ice, along with ERD Full Face and Dry Suit Diving

.                                             pa260102.jpg                                              pa260124.jpg                                                                                                                 pa260141.jpg

Be taught by true professional divers

All courses are taught by DJ’s Scuba Locker’s professionally trained ERDI instructors and supervisors who work on active MABAS dive teams. Our Staff are active Illinois MABAS Division Team Leaders with over 16 years of Public Safety Diving experience. Our Staff are up-to-date with the newest and most current protocols.

6 or more students we will come to you.

The hosting agency will need to provide a class room, pool and open water dive sites. Special pricing for groups over 10 students. Offered for all in the SDI and ERD classes. SDI Program classes will be Open Water through ERDI.

ERDI Prep Dry Suit / Full Face Mask

In ERDI students learn to wear drysuits and use full face masks. We recommend ERD Prep class because the waters that we dive in are considered contaminated. On the black water day final practical (usually at a forest preserve lake). We use this environment to train divers in real life scenarios. This prepares the diver to enter into the PSD Team roster without additional training or orientation.

The prep class curriculum is taken from ERD II, where advance training gives you these skills and more. To protect our divers and error on the side of safety we offer this class in preparation for ERDI

Introduction: The ERDI Full Face Mask Ops Component is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for full face mask operations in emergency response diving. The ERDI Dry Suit Ops Component is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for dry suit diving operations in emergency response diving.

Student Prerequisites

1. Intent on continuing to ERDI

2. CPR1st or equivalent

3. CPROx or equivalent

4. Minimium age 18 years old

            2019-erdi-prep.jpg                                       pdf-group.jpg                                                                                                 

Required Materials

The SDI Dry Suit Diving Manual/online code is required for the ERD II Dry Suit Ops Component

Required Equipment

1. Same equipment required for ERD I Diver

2. Full Face Mask with communication capabilities

3. Dry suit with inflator hose

Duration - 9 hours total

1. Classroom and briefing: Approximately 3 hours

2. Confined water dives: 2 dives

3. Open water dives (required): 4 dives:

Outcome of the prerequisite class is that the diver utilitizes and fine tunes his full face/drysuit skills in both educational and life-like scenarios during the ERD I Class.

ERD 1 Diver - Introduction

This course will successfully train candidates in the basic skills necessary for participation in limited Open Water Public Safety diving activities. The ERD I Diver will be able to operate as a team member and support personnel within a dive team organization.

Student Prerequisites


1. SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Certification or equivalent

2. CPR1st or equivalent

3. CPROx or equivalent

4. On an active dive team

5. Minimum age 18

Required Materials

The ERD I Student Manual online is required for the ERD I course academics

Duration - 32 hours total
1. Classroom and briefing: Approximately 8 hours
2. Confined water: Approximately 7 hours
3. Open water dives (required): 4 dives
4. Black water dives 3 dives with 1 final scenario