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 NEXT CLASS STARTS -April 8, 2024 

Class studies will be done online, 4-5 class sessions will be conducted along with 4-5 pool sessions.  Class hours will be 6-7:30pm and pool from 8--10pm.  Once these sessions are successfully completed, we will schedule you for your open water training dives.

Discover Scuba: Unsure about scuba diving, just ask and one of our PADI instructors and they would be happy to give you a short presentation and take you on an underwater tour.  All equipment will be provided.

Skin Diver: Min age 8.  One session. Learn snorkel & mask clearing, surface dives, how to kick with fins and proper entry and exit techniques.  Must be comfortable in water.

Bubble Maker: A Discover Scuba for kids 8-11 who would like to experience scuba diving in a pool.  After a short presentation, try on the equipment, learn a few skills and go for an underwater tour.

Open Water Diver: Min Age 10 (Jr. Open Water Diver) Includes Open Water Crew Pak and Videos, 5 class & pool sessions, 4 Open Water Training Dives, and all equipment except for mask, fins, & snorkel.

diver.jpgOpen Water Diver Executive Program: Includes all from Open Water Diver program, home study with Class sessions at your convenience.  Pool sessions during regularly scheduled times. Complete in as little as two weeks.

Scuba Tune-up: Been out of the water for a while? Refresh your skills in a safe environment with one of our instructional staff.  Learn new techniques as you prepare for your diving vacation.

Advanced Open Water: Build upon the skills learned during your open water diver course. Our Advanced course will introduce you to a variety of diving situations, and specialties.  Total of 5 dives (core dives: Deep & Navigation plus 3 elective dives). Class includes Advance Crew Pak and video, equipment rental at discounted rates.

Rescue Diver:Learn to assist others as well as yourself.  A learning experience designed to build a better more confident diver. (Requires EFR or current CPR rating)

coral.jpgEmergency First Responder: Sanctioned 1st aid course includes CPR & AED certification.  Perfect for divers & non-divers alike.

Divemaster: Becoming a PADI Divemaster makes you a member of the PADI organization, and is your first step toward becoming a PADI instructor.  Our comprehensive program will help you to develop leadership, dive safety, and control skills along with advanced dive safety, and first aid skills.  PADI Divemasters can teach Discover Local Diving, Skin Divers, and SCUBA Tune-up. Divemaster is a prerequisite to enrollment in a PADI IDC (Instructor Development Course).


Note: Some specialties require advanced certification prior to enrollment. Please check with our staff to insure all the prerequisites have been met.

boat1.jpgMaster Scuba Diver: Minimum age 15. A Rescue Diver with 5 specialties can become a Master Scuba Diver. This is PADI’s highest non-professional rating. Select your choice of any 5 specialties offered by DJ’s Scuba Locker.

Boat Diver: 2 Dives. Learn about boats, and their terminology, including emergency procedures, deck rules, and safety considerations. Special attention will be paid to entry & exit procedures important to safe diving practices.

Computer Course: Learn how dive computers work and how they extend bottom time. An informative class covering several types of dive computers. If you have a computer, please bring it with you.

Deep Diver: Minimum age 15, & AOW certification. 4 dives over 2 days. Learn how to safely dive deep (within 130 ft recreational limit). Learn about color loss, temperature, DCS, narcosis, currents, and visibility.

Drift Diver: 2 Dives.  Drift diving is commonly found in the ocean.  Learn how to safely allow the currents to move you effortlessly through your dive.  Learn special procedures necessary to make your drift diving safe and enjoyable.

Dry Suit Diver: 2 Dives. Stay warm longer while diving in cold water. Learn how air flows around your body.  Practice how to safely achieve neutral buoyancy, and control your ascents & descents.

Enriched Air: - Minimum age 12.

  • Practice analyzing oxygen content in your scuba tank.
  • Discuss managing oxygen exposure
  • Set your dive computer for diving with enriched air nitrox.


Equipment Specialist: Learn how your dive equipment works, and how to correctly care for your equipment. Basic maintenance procedures that can be performed by the user will be explained and practiced.

Ice Diver: Minimum age 18 and AOW. 3 dives over 2 days. For the diver who does not want to let a little ice stand in their way.  Learn how to prepare for diving under ice, cutting your entry hole, line attachment, and tending, as well as special equipment considerations.

Multilevel Diver: 2 dives.  Learn more about the theory behind dive tables, and dive computers. You will plan, organize, and make safe multilevel dives using the Wheel version of the PADI RDP.

Night Diver: 3 Dives over 2 nights  Night diving opens up a whole new world with a host of night life not seen during the day. Learn how to prepare for your night dive, care for your dive lights, and marking your entry and exit points.

Peak Performance Buoyancy: 2 Dives.  This class will help you to master the fine art of buoyancy control.  You will learn how to position and distribute your weights to achieve proper positioning. Good buoyancy will also allow you to swim more efficiently therefore improving air consumption.


Search and Recovery: Minimum age 15 & AOW. 4 Dives over 2 days. Learn the proper techniques for line attachment, lifting devices, and search patterns.

Underwater Naturalist: 2 Dives. U/W Naturalist allows the diver to learn about the different fish, corals, plant life, and bottom composition in different areas.

Underwater Navigator: 3 Dives over 2 Days. Have you ever surfaced far away from the dive boat or from your planned exit point from a shore dive?  Perfect your navigation skills, using a compass as well as natural navigation.


Underwater Photography: 2 Dives.  Learn how to clean and maintain your photography equipment. Understand how to correctly compose and shoot your underwater subjects, to preserve your dive memories.  Use of a Olympus Tough Camera or Sealife Micro 

Wreck Diver: Minimum age 15. 4 Dives over 2 days. Learn how to research wrecks, map, and plan safe wreck penetration.